Injen 17-18 Honda Civic Type-R Aluminum Intercooler Piping Kit - Black


Product type: Intercooler

Vendor: Injen

Tags: FK8


Looking for a way to improve that spool-up, increase power, and make your engine bay look killer on that FK8 Civic of yours? Well then you?re in luck, because Injen Technology has you covered with the all new intercooler pipe upgrade kit SSES1582ICPWR designed specifically for the Honda Civic Type R (FK8) I4-2.0L (t). This upgrade kit features 2.5" hot-side and cold-side with mandrel-bent aluminum piping for smooth airflow, and reinforced silicone couplers for improved tolerance against heat and pressure. The SSES1582ICPWR also includes high-quality stainless steel band clamps for a consistent and reliable holding power.