ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer (2011+ VVT 5.7L & 6.4L HEMI Engines)


Product type: Harmonic Balancers

Vendor: ATI

Tags: 08-14 Challenger, 11-14 Charger, 11-14 SRT8 300c, 12-18 Jeep SRT, 15 Challenger, 15 Charger, 15 SRT 300c, ATI


ATI Super Damper, SFI approved for street and race applications. Built specifically for high-performance applications, the ATI Super Damper provides balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations at all RPM. Comes with 360-degree, laser-etched timing marks. 

2011+ 5.7L CHRYSLER 300C 
2011+ 5.7L DODGE Challenger 
2011+ 5.7L DODGE Charger
2011+ 5.7L JEEP Grand Cherokee
2011+ 6.4L CHRYSLER 300C 
2011+ 6.4L DODGE Challenger 
2011+ 6.4L DODGE Charger
2011+ 6.4L JEEP Grand Cherokee 

The patented ATI Super Damper is the only damper designed exclusively for high performance engines.
  • Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
  • Laser engraved 360 timing marks
  • Black zinc chromate finished
Inner and outer shells are made from aluminum and contain the steel inertia weight. The inertia weight has six (2-ring design) or eight (3-ring design) computer machined grooves to retain the proper durometer O-rings (dyno tested for each application).