Dyno Tuning Pricing

All Tunes start at $500
Flex Fuel tunes are $750

Re-tunes are $150 + dyno time (@$100/hr) 1 hr. minimum

New Tune vs. Re-tune?

-Re-tunes are for cars that have been tuned at Kinetic with MINOR changes that effect the tune. (ex. Your car was tuned with a stock boost controller and now you have a solenoid that needs to be calibrated)

-If you have changed major components such as engine, turbo, injectors, MAP/MAF sensor, Intercooler/Manifolds, or anything else that will need fuel and ignition changes in the mapping will be needing a NEW TUNE.

-If you are going from a pump fuel tune (that has been done by Kinetic) to a flex fuel tune, it will be considered a NEW TUNE.

-Flex fuel tunes starting from scratch (doing both pump and E85 from start to finish) are $750 for most vehicles. VP Racing Fuel for E85/C85/X85 is available for purchase. Should you decide to bring your own E85, we will check the Ethanol content before tuning.

-If your vehicle hasn't been tuned or re-tuned within a year of your last visit, you will need a NEW TUNE.

-Unsure if you need a new tune or re-tune? email us. info@kineticautoworks.com

If you have a race car using alternative fuels and need extra cool down time between runs (typically cars 1000+ HP) the tuning rate is $500 up to 3 hours and $150/hr thereafter. We do this to ensure proper cool down periods between runs resulting in efficient and consistent tuning. If you think your car may qualify for this type of session, please email us your setup and expectations so we can properly prepare for your session. Also, please contact us to be sure we have the fuel you want to use in stock if you don’t have it.

Each customer needs to read the Kinetic Autoworks Dyno Tuning Checklist and sign the Dyno Tuning Waiver before we strap the car to the dyno.

Pricing for popular systems is as follows (This is system/hardware pricing only, add for actual tuning. All systems can be purchased in our online store)

Neptune ‘Chip’ Style – Customer supplied ECU plus the following: $99 Socketing fee, $20 for Eprom Chip, $100 Credits

Neptune RTP (USB type)- $399 plus $99 Socketing fee using Customer supplied ECU, +$50 for PWM (boost control hardware installation)

Hondata S300 - $495 Plus $99 socketing fee Customer supplied ECU, +$50 for PWM (boost control hardware installation)

Ktuner Touchscreen V2 - $649

Ktuner In ECU (USB type) - $449

Ktuner OBD Flash - $449

Ktuner Dealer Flash - $150 - NO hardware purchase necessary, only credits. 

SCT LivewireTS+ - $599

SCT X4 - $399

HPtuners - $50 per credit, most cars use 2 or more credits (call for details)

Cobb Accessport - Starting at $500

Open Source - NO hardware purchase necessary. Only Tune fee of $500, +add $100 for TephraMod for Speed Density operation on EVO VIII/IX/X